AESOP New Official: Chair of the Excellence in Education Board

Published at: 6 April 2017

We are pleased to announce that the AESOP Council of Representatives has approved Daniel Galland as the new Chair of the Excellence in Education Board.

On behalf of the whole AESOP community we would like to express our warmest congratulations to the new AESOP Official, Daniel Galland! We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.


Retirement of Prof. Willem Salet, AESOP President (2008-2010)

Published at: 3 January 2017

Professor Willem Salet, University of Amsterdam, took his official retirement on December 2nd, 2016. On the occasion of his public lecture, his colleagues and former AESOP Presidents Peter Ache and Gert de Roo thanked Willem Salet for his contribution to the AESOP community.
Former President Patsy Healey gave an account of Willem Salet's academic contributions and also spoke about his role in AESOP.
Willem Salet has been President of AESOP from 2008 until 2010. One of his many initiatives for AESOP was related to the further improvement of academic standards of the annual conferences. Willem Salet will certainly stay connected to the community. 

On behalf of our President Anna Geppert we are happy to address Willem our warmest thanks for his great contribution to the development of our Association.

The AESOP community wishes you many fulfillments in this new time of your life!

Retirement of Prof. Hans Mastop, AESOP President (2000-2002)

Published at: 12 October 2016

On September 8th, Professor Hans Mastop took his official retirement during a farewell reception at the Faculty of Management Science at Radboud University, Nijmegen. Hans Mastop is a greatly admired colleague in the planning field. His work focuses on strategic spatial planning and implementation of strategies; a research interest, which he most likely benefited from while being the Dean of Faculty, during two office periods. As President of AESOP, between 2000 and 2002, Hans Mastop used two other interests, internationalization and young academics, to initiate and support the YA network in AESOP.

During the event, former AESOP President Peter Ache spoke on behalf of AESOP and thanked Hans Mastop for his contributions to the association.

Our President, Anna Geppert, is happy to address Hans our warmest thanks for his meaningful contributions to the development of our association. The AESOP community wishes you many fulfillments in this new time of your life!

AESOP'S Position Paper on the NEW URBAN AGENDA

Published at: 10 October 2016

AESOP has recently applied to become an accredited partner of UN HABITAT and it already became one of the members of the General Assembly of Partners (GAP), a special initiative proposed by the World Urban Campaign (WUC) to serve as a platform for non-governmental partners in Habitat III.

The Habitat III Conference aims to adopt a New Urban Agenda (NUA)—an action-oriented document which will set global standards of achievement in sustainable urban development, rethinking the way we build, manage, and live in cities through cooperation with committed partners, relevant stakeholders, and urban actors at all levels of government as well as the private sector.

AESOP has been contributing to the debates on the New Urban Agenda and, as a result, prepared this Position Paper which focuses on the role that research and academia and, in particular, our planning schools should play in the implementation phase of the NUA, through capacity building, knowledge production, and research that informs policymaking, as  well as data collection and analysis for the subsquent monitoring phases.

The ExCo would like to thank our colleague  Prof. Ela Babalik Sutcliffe  for leading the preparation of this document.

New AESOP President

Published at: 20 July 2016

Anna GEPPERT is the new AESOP President from July 2016 until July 2018.

The AESOP Community warmly welcomes Anna Geppert as the new AESOP President and greatly appreciates and thanks Francesco Lo Piccolo's remarkable work and dedication to our Association in the previous years.

New Conferences Officer

Published at: 20 July 2016

Zorica Nedovic-Budic is the new AESOP Conferences Officer and new member of the Executive Committee.

The AESOP Community warmly welcomes Zorica Nedovic-Budic as the new AESOP Conferences Officer and greatly appreciates Gerhard Schimak for his attentive and dedicated work as Events Officer in the previous years.

New YAN Representative

Published at: 20 July 2016

Karel Van den Berghe is the new Young Academics Network Representative.

The AESOP Community warmly welcomes Karel Van den Berghe and acknowledges Nadia Caruso's most valuable contribution to both the ExCo and the YAN in the previous years.

2017 Heads of Schools Meeting in Warsaw

Published at: 13 July 2016

At the last CoRep meeting, on July 3rd, in Rio de Janeiro, the Council of Representatives has voted, by a large majority, the
Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland,
as the host of the 2017 Heads of Schools Meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Warsaw, next year!