AESOP TG - ETHICS, VALUES & PLANNING - Second event: "Our curious silence about kindness" prof.dr. John Forester, with prof.dr. Ben Davy and dr. Michiel Stapper - Wednesday, March 24th, 4-5 pm (CET)

Published at: 28 February 2021

The AESOP thematic group on ETHICS, VALUES AND PLANNING has been recently renovated.

After several years of excellent work and passionate discussions, we would like to thank Claudia Basta and all the other members for their active contribution. From now on, we (Stefano Cozzolino and Arend Jonkman) have the pleasure and the responsibility to trigger fruitful interactions within our community which, we hope, can be joined by many new members.

Of course, we are also very thankful to all those who joined the first event on the issue of neoliberalism, but it is now time to look forward and go for the next colloquium!

The EVP's second colloquium is scheduled on Wednesday, March 24th, from 4 to 5 pm (CET). The discussion/conversation will start from a recently published essay in Planning Theory titled “Our curious silence about kindness in planning: Challenges of addressing vulnerability and suffering” written by John Forrester. Beside the author, we will also have the pleasure to have Ben Davy and Michiel Stapper as discussants: they will start-up the conversation.

A few basic rules to participate:

  • Register to the event by sending an e-mail to
  • Read the text in advance
  • Participants are invited to send in a question, idea, or comment to be raised during the colloquium via e-mail by 22 March at the latest