Dr. ir. Willem Buunk

Research Centre Technology - Area Development (Windesheim University, Zwolle)

As a professor of urban and regional planning in a university of applied sciences, my aim is to start and foster academic research in an institute with a strong tradition in professional education.

In my research group we focus on the underlying values that play a role in decision-making on urban and regional development. Projects focus on basic choices on urban and regional development with a view to the dynamics of the regional transport system, the water system and regional economic development. We do a yearly economic monitor of the Zwolle region and a yearly monitor of the effects of a new railway line that was opened in 2012 between Lelystad and Zwolle.


Dr. ir. Willem Buunk
Campus 2-6
8000 GB Zwolle

Personal web pagewww.windesheim.nl/lectoraatareadevelopment
Dr. ir. Willem  Buunk