Dr. ir. Wendy Tan

Department of Spatial Planning & Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences (University of Groningen)

Wendy Tan Guan Zhen (1981, Singapore) is currently Assistant Professor of Infrastructure and Transportation Planning at the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen (NL). She holds a PhD (2013) in Spatial Sciences from the University of Amsterdam on the topic of ‘Implementing Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)’ and an MSc in Urbanism (2007, cum laude) from the Delft University of Technology. She has worked extensively with the planning practice as a designer/researcher in an experimental think tank (Atelier Zuidvleugel) before being a researcher at TU Delft Chair of Strategic Spatial Planning. From 2010 – 2014, she was a board member of the Megacities Foundation. Her academic work combines her interest as an architect, urban designer and planner by focusing on the implementation of land use and transportation integration, mobility issues and institutional perspective in planning processes. The results of her PhD research – the NICIS (now Platform31) KEI project, part of the Kennis voor Krachtige Steden program – exploring the institutional conditions for TOD implementation has received much attention from both academics and policymakers. The scientific and professional publications from her PhD research have been awarded the Georges Allaert Prize from the Stichting MORO (AMRP, Ghent University) for being a policy relevant contribution to mobility and spatial planning in our society.


Dr. ir. Wendy Tan
Landleven 1
9731 NB Groningen

Telephone+31 50 363 3886
Personal web pagewww.rug.nl/staff/w.g.z.tan/