Prof. Vassilis Pappas

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering (University of Patras)

Dr. Vassilis Pappas is Professor in the University of Patras, Department of Architecture. Main teaching courses he is involved in are Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, Spatial Planning, and Methods of Spatial Analysis. He is author of many monographs, scientific papers, research works, etc.
He has been coordinating and participating in numerous national and international research and consulting projects dealing with information technology applications in spatial analysis and planning (PHARE, PHARE/OBNOVA, SMART, COMETT, LEONARDO, TELEMATICS). He has worked, as an individual consultant, in many National Organizations and in private firms, as a G.I.S. expert and spatial planner.
Also he has been reviewer and evaluator in the IMPACT-GIS, INFO2000 and City of Tomorrow EU programs.
Dr. Pappas is a pioneer of Greek GIS society, member of Hellenic Cartographic Society (Vice Presedint, 2016 +), Greek Planers Associations, Hellas GIs (president 2009-12), Hellenic Computer Society, and Technical Chamber of Greece.


Prof. Vassilis Pappas
University Campus
26500 Patras Dytiki Ellada

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Prof. Vassilis Pappas