Dr Tegg Westbrook

Department of Safety, Economics, and Planning (University of Stavanger)

General research interests:
- Counterterrorism (CT) measures in urban areas.
- The opportunities and implications of emerging dual-use technologies for CT.
- Military, security and police technologies, domestically and internationally.

I am currently focusing on the following research themes for teaching and research outputs:
- Analysing the opportunities and implications of emerging technologies such as geofencing in mitigating the threat of terrorism in urban areas.
- Undertaking research into civilian road vehicles, analysing them as 'normal' conventional weapons, as opposed to 'unconventional' weapons.
- Undertaking research into the significance of lithium batteries in military, security and police equipment.


Dr Tegg Westbrook
Kjell Arholmsgate 41
4036 Stavanger

Dr Tegg Westbrook