Dr. Roberto Rocco

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (Delft University of Technology)

I am an Associate Professor in Spatial Planning and Strategy of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. I am interested in SPATIAL JUSTICE and GOVERNANCE as frameworks that enable ACTION to improve our cities and make them more liveable and socially sustainable.

I am interested in how we teach and implement the New Urban Agenda (Quito 2016), and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This brings me to my focus on sustainable urbanisation in the Global South and my interest in the political meanings of informal urbanisation in context. Rapid urbanisation in the Global South means that governments must act quickly to find feasible ways to provide decent housing for citizens, but we must also contend with the growing number of informal, unplanned settlements, which despite their many positive characteristics, represent exclusion from the realm of rights and are ultimately unsustainable.

You can have a complete overview of my activities here: https://robertorocco.com


Dr. Roberto Rocco
Julianalaan 134
2628BL Delft

Personal web pagehttps://robertorocco.com
Dr.  Roberto Rocco