Dr Roberto Falanga

Institute of Social Sciences (University of Lisbon)

• Participatory approaches and strategies in policymaking: my work has entailed – at a broader level – new public initiatives and arenas where public authorities and civil society can deliberate over public policies. I have especially argued the need to improve the management of citizen engagement in public sector.
• Participatory mechanisms for social inclusion: focus on social inclusion through the participation of citizens has been highlighted in scientific contributions as well as through on-the-field practices, and expert advice to public authorities.
• Participatory policymaking with senior citizens: another strand of my scientific activity has focused on senior population’s needs and the mechanisms for having a voice over policymaking. Towards the aim I have contributed to the creation of the first database of this kind, collecting a large variety of good practices at different levels in Europe (http://mopact.group.shef.ac.uk).


Dr Roberto Falanga
Rua Poeta Milton 2, 1DF
1170-321 Lisbon

Dr Roberto Falanga