Dr. Nancy Holman

Department of Geography, Regional and Urban Planning Studies (London School of Economics and Political Science)


Nancy joined the Department of Geography & Environment in August 2008 having previously managed the MSc in Housing and Regeneration in the Department of Social Policy also at the London School of Economics and Political Science. A planner by training she has a PhD in Urban Policy (University of Portsmouth, 1999) and an MSc in Community and Regional Planning (University of Texas, 1996). Her work deals primarily with issues of governance and local planning including sustainable development and community participation. She has often used social network analysis to explore the complex relationships in the multi-level, multi-actor partnerships present in modern governing arrangements.

Research interests and areas of supervision

The relationship between urban planning and local sustainability
Urban governance
Community participation and partnership working
Selected recent publications

'Incorporating local sustainability indicators into structures of local governance: a review of the literature', Local Environment 14:4 pp 365-375, 2009.
'Community participation: Using network analysis to improve developmental benefits', Environment and Planning C: Government and policy 26:3 pp525-543, 2008.
'Following the signs: Applying urban regime analysis to a UK case study', The Journal of Urban Affairs 29:5 pp435-453, 2007.
With Rydin, Y. 'Re-evaluating the contribution of social capital in achieving sustainable development', Local Environment 9:2 pp117-33, 2004.
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Rydin, Y, Nancy Holman, Esther Wolff. 'Local Sustainability Indicators', Local Environment 8:6 p581-89, 2003.
Rydin, Y, Nancy Holman, Vicky Hands, Florian Sommer. 'Incorporating sustainable development concerns into an urban regeneration project: how politics can defeat procedures', Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 46:4 p545-61, 2003.


Dr. Nancy Holman
Houghton Street
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Dr. Nancy Holman