professor Marketta Kyttä

School of Engineering/Department of Built Environment/Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering Research Group (Aalto University)

Marketta Kyttä works as an associate professor in the Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group (YTK) of Aalto University, Finland. Her research interests within environmental psychology and participatory planning cover various topics: child-, and humanfriendly environments, environments that promote wellbeing and health, and new methods for participation. Currently, her multidisciplinary research team concentrates on the place-based person-environment research with methodological development work. The so called softGIS studies enable the provision of people's place-based perceptual knowledge in the GIS format, as complementary to the traditional GIS-based types of environmental and demographic data. The Internet-based softGIS methodology developed by the softGIS team enables the combination of ‘soft’ subjective data to be produced by informants with ‘hard’ and objective GIS-data. Geospatial World Forum granted softGIS team a webGIS Innovation award in 2010 and in 2009 the team won Women and technology –award. The softGIS team collaborates with various actors in the field of urban planning, mainly with cities and governmental and non-governmental organizations but also with private companies. Recent research themes include the localized study of perceived environmental quality, social sustainability and the health promoting qualities of urban structure. This research is associated with international research developments under the headings of Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) and Post-occupancy Evaluation (POE).


professor Marketta Kyttä
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professor Marketta Kyttä