Dr. Laura Saija

Architecture Department (University of Catania)

Dr. Laura Saija is a 2009 Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow,
Department of Architecture and Planning at the University of Catania,
Italy, and a visiting professor, Graduate Division of City and
Regional Planning, University of Memphis, TN (USA). Her main research
interest is on the theory and the practice of Engaged scholarship in
the field of Community Environmental Planning. In particular her work
focuses on the way Universities can play an active roles in enhancing
democracy in long-term lagging regions, characterized by long-term
power inequalities. In Catania she has collaborated with the
establishment of the First Center for University Engagement in
Southern Italy and has worked with low-income communities and
anti-Mafia organizations in the City of Catania, combining
community-based planning with historic preservation and environmental
planning. In Memphis she has collaborated over the past two years with
engaged scholars and community organizations in a Participatory Action
Research project aimed at revitalizing one of the most historic and
distressed inner-city African American neighborhoods, threatened by
the City's decision to convert it in a gentrified tourist district.


Dr. Laura Saija
città universitaria - V.le Andrea Doria 6
95125 Catania

Dr. Laura Saija