Judith Allen

School of Architecture and the Built Environment (University of Westminster)

JUDITH ALLEN is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Westminster, where she was formerly Principal Lecturer. Her experience and expertise focus on housing and planning in the context of community and neighbourhood development. She was the scientific manager for three EU projects looking at innovative projects, social exclusion and governance in neighbourhoods across east and west Europe. She has organised tenants to secure their rights during housing upgrading programmes, chaired one of London's largest housing associations, advised on housing and community areas components of the Greater London Development Plan. She has published widely, and her work has been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Estonian, and Russian. Consultancies have included work in Poland, Estonia, Italy, Australia, UNDP, UN-Habitat and a variety of organisations in London and England. Recent research has focused on the sociology of spatial practices in neighbourhoods.

Recent publications include:

J Allen and O Rosenfeld (2011) Social Housing Policies and Ethnic Minorities in the UK: Developing an Ethnically Sensitive Approach, in Ponzo, I (ed) Immigrant Integration Policies and Housing Policies: The Hidden Links, Turin: FIERI

M Menezes, L Vasconcelos and J Allen (2010) Explorandometodologias visuais para a compreensao do uso e apropriacao do espaco public, Lisbon: LNEC (with Marluci Menezes and Lia Vasconcelos)

J Allen (2010) Pays du Sud: au risqué de la propriété, in Vroelant, C and Tutin, C. Le logement social in Europe au début du XXI siècle: la revision générale. Rennes, FR: Presses Universitaires de Rennes

J Allen (2008) Gobernanza de la política estrategica de vivienda en el sector de alquiler en Londres”, in Leal Maldonado, J (ed) Las políticas de vivienda en alquiler en las grandes ciudades europeas, Madrid: Ayuntamiento de Madrid,

J Allen, M Menzes, L Nucci, T Lloyd-Jones and L Vasconcelos (2008) Reading the place of others: Brazilian bodies in Portuguese public spaces in L Touaf and S Boutkhil (eds) The World as a Global Agora: Critical Perspectives on Public Space, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press

J Allen, R Kalra, and T Lloyd-Jones (2008) Community Asset Management: Life Cyles and Learning Jakob , M C and Reichmouth , J (eds) Community Development: Local and Global Challenges, Lucerne: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

J Allen (2006) “Welfare regimes, welfare systems and housing in southern Europe”, European Journal of Housing Policy, 6:3, (Dec)

J Allen (2005) Housing and Welfare Regimes in Southern Europe, in Gilliam, K et al (eds) Housing Mobility and Neighbourhood Rehabilitation, Budapest: Hungarian Central Statistical Office

J Allen, J Barlow, J Leal, T Maloutas and L Padovani (2004) Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe, Oxford: Blackwell


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Judith Allen