Josie Wilson

Architecture and Planning (Sheffield Hallam University)

Josie Wilson has a long connection with the university spanning over 25 years and is an alumni of Sheffield Hallam University, starting as a student in 1994, having previously working in financial services. After completing a degree in Urban Studies, she commenced employment with Sheffield Hallam University in 1998 and is now a principal lecturer in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment.

Currently working as the deputy head of Geography, Environment and Planning, having previously been a subject group leader. She has been involved in annual work planning and worked with staff to develop their professional and academic roles. Extensive experience of working with staff particularly around mediation, personal grievances and supporting staff.

Josie teaches in the area of geography and her specialism is in geographical information systems and urban geography. Her research interests include parental choice, the journey to school and active travel choices.


Josie Wilson
Howard Street
S1 1WB Sheffield
United Kingdom

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Josie Wilson