Prof. Jan Schreurs

Department of Architecture (KU Leuven)

Knowledge and expertise:
His research interests are grounded in the will to enhance the spatial qualities of man-made environments. His main focus has always been place studies and typology-morphology studies, related to quality, creativity in and innovation by analysis and design, with attention to user involvement as a goal and as means.

More particularly he engaged
-into ‘inhabitation’ as a modus of participation
-into the role of metaphors and images in design and analysis,
-on density, typology and design concepts for public spaces, buildings, cities and regions,
-on spatial ‘interfaces’ at all levels of scale,
-on scenario-analysis and research-by-design,
-on an ‘ecological’ approach’, integrating physical, social and mental ecologies.

Ten years of practice as director of Physical Planning of the Leuven University and a degree in Real Estate added a strong sense of reality to his research motivations. Consequently, bridging gaps between theory and practice has always been a central concern, both in research and in teaching.
All these themes have been subject of research projects and/or publications.

Relevant projects include PRAKtijk (workshops on the quality of ‘Coastal Public Space and Architecture, focusing on practice, bringing stakeholders together to develop a ‘language for quality’); RADI RIGU! (workshops linking strategic projects and strategic planning to project definitions and participation); Regieteam Stedenbeleid (coaching local teams in cities, preparing briefs for urban renewal projects); Criteria-analysis for spatial quality on industrial/trading estates (workshops with Flemish administrations Spatial planning, Economy, Environment, developing ‘language for quality’ used to analyse trading estates); SP2SP (researching how spatial planning can be implemented by strategic projects); ‘Steunpunt: Ruimte en Wonen’ (policy research centre about multi-dimensional and multi-scalar analysis of space in Flanders); SPINDUS (research into the role of designerly research in improving spatial quality from a transdisciplinary perspective); Steunpunt Ruimte (policy research centre developing a cyclical planning process for a polycentric, sustainable Flanders).


Prof. Jan Schreurs
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Prof. Jan Schreurs