Prof. Giorgio Piccinato

Department of Urban Studies, Architecture (Roma Tre University)

Emeritus professor of urban planning.
Until 2010 Head of the Dept. of Urban Studies, Roma Tre University and director of the PhD program Territorial policies and local project.
Before 1995 Head of the Urban Planning Department at IUAV Venice and director of a inter-university PhD program in planning.
Past President of the Association of European Schools of Planning (1992-1994).
Consultant to the United Nations, the European Union and ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency) for programs dealing with urban and regional planning, urban conservation, professional education.
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journals: Planning History (Oxford,)Urbana (Caracas,)
Journal of Urban Design (Nottingham,)Tria (Napoli), Urbani Izziv (Ljubljana).

Among his publications are: La costruzione dell'urbanistica. Germania 1870-1914 (The construction of planning. Germany 1870-1914), Rome 1974, Wiesbaden 1983 and Barcelona 1993; Città, territorio e politiche di piano in America Latina (City, territory and planning policies in Latin America), Milan 1991; Alla ricerca del centro storico (Looking for the historic centre), Milan 1996; Un mondo di città (A world of cities), Turin 2002 and Caracas 2007; Atlas de centros históricos do Brasil (Atlas of historic centres of Brazil), Rio de Janeiro 2007; Fermoimmagine. Studio sulla felicità urbana (A study of urban happiness), Macerata 2008.

Among his most recent essays are: “Housing and Planning Yesterday and Tomorrow”, Proceedings of the International Conference Social Housing in the 1st Half of 20th Century in Europe, Gdansk, 2000;“Heritage Planning Around the World: Opportunities, Threats and Contradictions”, J. Purchla ed., Central Europe. A New Dimension of Heritage, Krakow, International Cultural Centre, 2003; “Words and History: Controversies on Urban Heritage in Italy”, J.Monclús M. Guàrdia eds., Culture, Urbanism and Planning, Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2006.“A brief history of Italian town planning after 1945”, Town Planning Review, Centenary Volume 1910-2010, 81, 3, 2010, pp. 237-259;“Urban Planning in Italy after World War II: A concise History”, Urban Planning International, 25, 3, June 2010, pp. 5-10; “The uses of history”, J. Purchla ed., 50/20 Sketches and essays, Krakow, 2011, pp. 236-245.


Prof. Giorgio Piccinato
via Madonna dei Monti 40
00184 Roma