Assistant Prof. Dr. Friederike Landau

Department of Spatial Planning, Nijmegen School of Management (Radboud University Nijmegen)

I am a political theorist and urban sociologist by training, and today, mostly work in the interdisciplinary field of urban cultural geography. I am interested in the many different forms of political agency and activism in urban space. In other words, I am excited about the places, faces and forms ‘the political’ can take in urban politics and space. In my work, I often focus on the role artists and cultural workers play in processes of urban development, change- and place-making. I approach challenges of urban power, (in)equality and segregation with a lens of conflict – assuming that conflict and tensions are necessary (yet not necessarily a problem) to enact politics.


Assistant Prof. Dr. Friederike Landau
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6525 AJ nijmegen Nijmegen

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