Prof. Francesco Careri

Department of Architecture (Roma Tre University)

Francesco Careri (1966) is architect and Research Professor in the Dipartimento di Architettura of the University of Roma Tre. Since 1995 he is a founding member of the Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade urban art workshop. He is working now on the informal urban settlements, exploring innovative possibilities of intervention, in particular in Rome with critics and proposals about the living conditions of the Roma People. He teach in the Faculty of Architecture in the cours of “civic art” a peripatetic laboratory founded in the walking exploration of the neglected zones of the city and actually he is the Director of the Master MAAC_Master Arti Architettura Città. He is working actually with the LAC laboratory of Civic Art explorig the multicultural possibilities of Roma inclusion in the housing rights movement. He’s main publications are the books Constant. New Babylon, una città nomade, Testo & Immagine, Torino 2001; and Walkscapes. Walking as an aesthetic practice, Editorial Gustavo Gili, Barcellona 2002, Einaudi Torino, 2006

Laboratorio Arti Civiche (LAC) is an interdisciplinary research group founded in 2011, which aims to interact creatively with the citizens through action research and projects, looking for a collective and shared transformation of the built environment. Starting from many experiences led by Francesco Careri, founder of Stalker, artist, architect and researcher, Laboratorio Arti Civiche has lately been involved in studies and projects on informal settlements and squat-occupied spaces in Rome; other projects focused on inclusive dwelling and housing emergency, possibilities of self-construction, re-creation and reappropriation of public spaces. A particular focus has been on the social and spatial exclusion of Roma people and the redefinition of their right to the city.

Stalker Is a collective subject, found in 1995, that engages research and actions within the landscape with particular attention to the areas around the city's margins and forgotten urban space, and abandoned areas or regions under transformation that are referred to here as "Actual Territories."
In may 1999, Stalker, with the Kurdish community of Rome, occupy the building of the ex-veterinarian in Campo Boario (ex slaughter house), naming it “Ararat”, in order to experiment a new shape of contemporary public-space, based on the acceptance and hospitality.
Since 2002 Stalker promotes a is an interdisciplinary research network named Osservatorio Nomade. A net shaped each time around a research and action site. Just like it happened for G.R.A Geografie dell'Oltrecittà (2009), Suilettidelfiume (2007), Campagnaromana (2006) and Immaginare Corviale (2003 – 2005) in Rome. Along the via Egnatia (2003 – 2004) from Rome to Istanbul, across the Roma world from Rome to the ex Yugoslavia, with Campus Rom (2008).
Along rhose kind of experiences Stalker - ON has walk in many cityes of the world produciong some times symbolic spaces like Amacario (1998), Transborderline (2000), Tappeto Volante (2000), Along the Egnatia (2003) e Savorengo Ker (2008).
Stalker - ON promotes interventions based on the spatial practices of exploration, listening, relation and on creative interactions with the environment, its inhabitants and their “archives of memories”. These processes aim to generate social and environmental relations that are self-organised and evolve over time. The sensitive and dynamic mapping of territories and communities generated through these processes remains easy to access. These interventions promote knowledge sharing, collaborative projects and raise the awareness of communities towards their territory and their cultural environment.


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