Dr. Daniel Galland

Department of Urban and Regional Planning (Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU))

Daniel Galland is Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). He is AESOP's chair of the Excellence in Education Board and is currently coordinating AESOP's Quality Recognition of Planning Programmes . See: http://www.aesop-planning.eu/en_GB/quality-recognition

Daniel's academic career and track record of research build on international experience within diverse professional and scholarly planning environments across Europe, North America and Latin America. His primary research and teaching areas focus on the intersection of spatial planning and development, political science and human geography, currently with an emphasis on metropolitan planning from an international comparative planning perspective. His work has been published in refereed journals of planning, geography and environment in different European languages.

Beyond AESOP, he is also involved in an array of international professional and scholarly planning networks such as ARL, RSA and RIDEAL. In recent years, he has held visiting appointments in the School of Urban Planning at McGill University, the Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies at the Catholic University of Chile, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Planning and Development (Aalborg Univ., Denmark), a M.Sc. in Environmental Planning (University of British Columbia, Canada) and a M.Phil. in Ethics and Politics (University of Barcelona, Spain).


Dr. Daniel Galland
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Dr. Daniel Galland