Dr. Clémence Montagne

Care Design Lab (Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique)
(Individual Member)

My interests include urban planning of developing cities in Gulf and Indian metropolis with a focus on transport infrastructure and urban policies to retrofit around public transport nodes.
Completed a PhD on Urban Planning in December 2016. My dissertation aimed at setting the first base for a research on public transport in the Arab Gulf cities. The aim was to build a new perspective on public transport and urban policies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And created a comparative study within strategic and spatial planning documents against the actual developments to find sustainable and holistic solutions, as in Dubai metro stations.
I believe in developing research methods and tools to create efficient and holistic urban design to induce a positive change in the quality of urban life for all. I especially believe that public transport is a transformative parameter for an healthy and inclusive city.
Since september 2018, as Director of the Care Design Lab, I focus on the valorization of final productions of Master students. In the Design Lab, students are guided through a specific methodology to address, as designers, the full spectrum of social design issues. We focus on social innovation in the well being of citizens, quality of life and health. Within this program, students also relate and work with professionals as lecturers, thesis and projects advisors, and as clients.

AESOP Registration NumberI-971-01

Dr. Clémence Montagne
1, rue Julien Videment
44100 Nantes

Dr. Clémence Montagne