Ph.D. Anna Vincenza Nufrio

Urban & Regional Planning Department (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)


My professional activity, which began in 1992 after graduating in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano University, has been mainly oriented in researching and teaching in different Universities throughout Europe and South America (1992-2010).
Transnational academic mobility has constantly characterised my career, benefiting me not only with a great variety of influences that constitute society, academia and as an individual, but also within different research practices. Thanks to the large range of skills acquired and the broad background knowledge gained, I have achieved the capacity to manage continuous changes of scale in analysing spatial situations (from Architectural Domestic spaces to Territorial and Urban situations) and the ability to direct research through an interdisciplinary approach, comparing Architecture and Urbanism with Human Geography, Engineering, Urban Sociology, Economics and Environmental Science.
From 1992 to 2010 I served at several universities where I worked, as: Researcher and Teaching Assistant (POLIMI, Milan, Italy, 1992-1998); Visiting Professor (JTL, 1997-1998, Bogotá, Colombia; Elisava/UPF, 1999-2003, Barcelona, Spain); Associate Professor and Researcher (ESARQ/UIC, Barcelona, Spain, 1999-2004); Temporary Associate Professor and Experienced Researcher (POLIMI, Milan, Italy, 2005-2010) and Marie Curie Experienced Researcher and Associate Professor (ETSAM/UPM, Madrid, Spain, 2011-2014). Actually I’m Prometeo Senior Researcher at Universidad de Cuenca, Cuenca Ecuador (2015-2016. On running)
Alongside teaching and researching activities, I has disengaged other academic positions and served as: Director of the Department of Cooperation for Developing Countries (ESARQ/UIC, Barcelona, Spain, 1999-2005); Founder and Co-Director with Agostino Petrillo of the Laboratory for Developing Countries (POLIMI, Milan, Italy, 2005-2010); Director of the Postgraduate Course Cohabitar (Elisava/UPF, 2007 and 2009, Barcelona, Spain); Scientific Coordinator of International competitive Research programs, among which the research Program Civilization of Living, within the framework of activities under the European Programme CULTURE 2000; Director of Seminars, International Workshops and Mission of Study (ESARQ/UIC; Elisava/UPF and POLIMI, Spain-Italy, 1999-2009); Coordinator of the Socrates/Erasmus Programme (ESARQ/UIC, Barcelona, Spain, 1999-2005); Tutor of Higher Degree and Master Theses (Elisava/UPF and POLIMI, Spain-Italy, 2009).

As a freelancer I have worked as an Architect in some Architectural and Engineering Studios (Italy and Spain, 1992-1999); Curator of Art Exhibitions (1995-1998) and Scientific Coordinator of International Events: National and International Meetings, Forums and Architectural Competitions (1999-2013).


Ph.D. Anna Vincenza Nufrio
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Ph.D. Anna Vincenza Nufrio