Postdoctoral Research Fellow in City and Regional Planning (2 years), University of Stavanger

Published at: 11 May 2021

The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a two-year postdoctoral position in City and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Safety, Economics and Planning. The position is vacant for accession as soon as possible. The theme for the project is citizens' power and pro-environmental behaviour for making future cities more sustainable and livable. The position is funded by EU (EAA - Polish/Norwegian cooperation/EEA and Norway Grants). The objective of the position is to strengthen research, and to give scholars holding a doctoral degree within relevant academic fields the opportunity for further qualification toward full professorship.

Information about the project: The postdoctoral candidate will be conducting research under the EAA and Norway grants, working with a consortium of Polish and Norwegian institutions on an applied research project, namely Greencoin. The consortium consists of the departments of architecture and computer science of Gdańsk University of Technology, the department of economics of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Inicjatywa Miasto Association, the department of computer science, innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability of Oslo Metropolitan University, the institute of education of the Maria Grzegorzewska University, and the University of Stavanger.

Encouraging pro-environmental behaviour has been argued as a critical factor to create sustainable, inclusive, and liveable cities. The role of pro-environmental behaviour is essential in explaining why, how, and to what extend people prefer to take ecological actions. This project addresses the present challenge regarding how to promote pro-environmental behaviours among urban citizens. Greencoin proposes an interactive experiment in rewarding citizens for pro-environmental behaviour and, in parallel, developing a marketplace mechanism where citizens can purchase environmentally friendly goods and services by using their rewards point. This can push communities to be green by facilitating and encouraging pro-environmental behaviours. In this project, the rewards system will be quantified into a value that can be used to the treading of environmental products. The project will focus be customised to the Eastern European context. The project will include a nine-month pilot study in a Polish City.

The project consists of six work packages:
WP1 - Theoretical framework (Coordinator: SGH Warsaw School of Economics)
WP2 - Social feasibility (Oslo Metropolitan University)
WP3 - Quantification model (University of Stavanger)
WP4 - Technological feasibility (Gdańsk University of Technology)
WP5 - Pilot study (Inicjatywa Miasto Association)
WP6 - Analyses, evaluation, and up-scaling (Gdańsk University of Technology).

The tasks of the postdoctoral candidate will be a part of WP3 and may include:
• To explore public participation and engagement through various actions that can bring environmental impacts for cities.
• To develop interactive concepts on promoting pro-environmental behaviours.
• To define relevant ecological behaviours and actions that are substantial for making cities more sustainable and liveable.
• To develop methods that can quantify the rewards from ecological actions made by the citizens into monetary value/point system as well as measure its environmental impacts.
• To develop a prototype on how the rewards system can be used to purchase environmental products (goods and services) provided by the private sector and government.
• To follow up on the project progress with Polish and Norwegian partners. The candidate may be required to travel regularly to Polish cities within the project period.
• To publish research articles and make reports.

The qualifying project will be carried out at the University of Stavanger. It is assumed that the appointee will work full time on the project and that she/he will participate in the academic community

Project proposal You must submit a description of a research project within the subject area that addresses the Greencoin project objectives and a plan for its completion. The project proposal must show how you will proceed to carry out the research work, what the key issues and hypotheses will be, what theories and methods you will apply, publication channels and a schedule for carrying out the work. It must be clear from the application in what way the project will add your competence. The project proposal will be included in the competence assessment.

The final project description and progress plan are drawn up in consultation with the supervisor (s) during the first three months of the employment period. It is a prerequisite that you complete the project during the employment period.

Qualification requirements You must have a ph.d. with a specialisation within regional and city planning, urban ecological planning and transportation is preferred, but applicants specialising in related areas such as environmental economics, human geography, and environmental psychology will also be considered. The ph.d. thesis must have been submitted for evaluation within the application deadline for the position and approved before accession. You must have a good command of both oral and written English. Having research publications and/or doctoral thesis close to this project topic is considered as an advantage.

In the assessment the following criteria will be emphasised:

• relevance, quality, and feasibility of the project plan
• submitted scientific work and your personal skills for completing the project within the timeframe
• international experience and network • qualifications within the areas of creativity, innovation and commercialisation of research
• good teamwork, communication skills and ability to participate in research communities across organisational units.
• ability to work independently in a structured manner
• motivation, sense of responsibility and accountability, work capacity and enthusiasm for research

Contact information More information on the position can be obtained from Head of Department Tore Markeset, tel: +47 51832191, e-mail: or Associate Professor Ari Tarigan, tel: +47 51832871, e-mail: Information about the appointment procedure can be obtained from HR advisor Margot A.Treen, tel: +4751831419, e-mail:

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Deadline: 3rd of June 2021