2010 UN Habitat and AESOP European Urban Summer School Final Report

Published at: 2 November 2010

UN-Habitat and AESOP want to bring together young professionals and experienced academics and practitioners from across Europe to discuss the most important planning issues.

The Summer School will facilitate intra-European exchange of practitioners and academics and will promote trans-European debates on and understanding of planning matters. It will promote cooperation between professionals, aca-demics, politicians and other stakeholders in spatial development and management and, as a consequence, will con-tribute in improving the quality of life of Europe's citizens and foster debate on important planning topics.
These aims correspond to UN Habitat's focus and the AESOP Charter.

European Urban Summer School 2010, knowing that 'old', 'past' and 'heritage' are fashionable, will be exploring the question if they are also sustainable.

Wrocław, a city in Central Europe, was chosen as the host because of two reasons. First, being a medium-sized European city it serves as a good example to study important topics of this class of cities. Secondly, having multi-cultural roots and the unique experience of changing population after WW2, it is an interesting case study of building local identity and overcoming historical burden

You can download the report by Head of EUSS Izabela Mironowicz here!

You can download the book Urban Change edited by Izabela Mironowicz and Judith Ryser here!

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