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PLANNING EDUCATION is the AESOP Journal which addresses contemporary issues and challenges for teaching and training in the field of planning in Europe. The following issues are available to be downloaded:
PLANNING EDUCATION No 1: Towards a European recognition for the Planning profession
PLANNING EDUCATION No 2: Quality Issues in a changing European Higher Education Area
PLANNING EDUCATION No 3: Excellence in Planning Education: Local, European & Global Perspective also available to be read online.

Call for papers: Special Issue in Transportation Research, Part A on transport and gender

Published at: 16 April 2019

Special Issue: Transportation Research: Part A (TR-A)

Transport, Gender, Culture

Research on gender issues in urban transportation planning is paramount because more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, women make up half of the general population, and gender crosscuts all other 'vulnerable group' considerations. Issues of transport equity, inclusion, and justice are proving increasingly important to improve the sustainability and resilience of cities. In order to develop a panoramic view of gender issues in urban transport, we seek contributions that:

  • Examine women’s needs in transportation in different cultural contexts.
  • Reveal the extent to which gender considerations are being incorporated into urban policy and practice by local authorities.
  • Analyse the factors that support or hinder gender mainstreaming.

Contributions from the Global South are particularly welcome.

Submission of full paper due: July 31, 2019

Marketplaces as an urban development strategy in 'Built Environment'

Published at: 9 October 2013


A themed issue entitled 'Marketplaces as an urban development strategy' will be available soon in the journal, Built Environment.

Editors of Built Environment:  Sir Peter Hall, Professor David Banister and Dr Stephen Marshall

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