Excellence in Teaching Award

The award’s purpose is to encourage planning schools to apply new pedagogical approaches, technologies and learning techniques in ways which enhance the theories, knowledge and skills necessary for good planning practice. The award provides an important opportunity to disseminate new and high quality teaching practices among European planning schools.

Excellence in Teaching Award Committee

  • Olivier Sykes, CHAIR, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Lukas Gilliard, Young Academics Network, School of Spatial Planning, TUM Department of Architecture, University of Technology Munich, Germany
  • Konstantinos Lalenis, Department of Planning and Regional Development, Faculty of Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece
  • Maria Håkansson, Urban Planning and Environment, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Maros Finka, Department of Spatial Planning, Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  • Valeria Fedeli, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
  • Xavier Desjardins, Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

The ETA Chair on behalf of AESOP wishes to express a word of gratitude to Kristina Grange who have been working in the Committee since 2015 and has now stepped down.

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2009

Published at: 24 May 2009

Winner of the 2009 AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize:
The winning course is a collaboration between the Institut de Gèoarchitecture at...

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2008

Published at: 24 May 2008

Bridging the Gap, Building the Bridge:
The Mediating Role of Planning Theory and Practice


AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2007

Published at: 31 December 2007

The AESOP prize for Excellence in Teaching 2007 has been rewarded to:The Faculty of Urban and Regional PlanningIUAV, University of Venice,...

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2006

Published at: 31 December 2006

Winner of the 2006 AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize:
Sustainable Development in the Urban Region in Germany and the US:Dresden and Columbus as...

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2005

Published at: 31 December 2005

Methods and Techniques of Spatial Policy AnalysisInstitute for Higher Education in Geography and Planning, The NetherlandsDepartment of Geography...

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2003

Published at: 31 December 2003

Winner of the AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize 2003
The Town of ChildrenUniversity of Palermo, Palermo, ItalySchool of Urban, Regional and...

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize - 2002

Published at: 31 December 2002

The Winners of the 2002 AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize:
Interprofessional IssuesUniversity of the West of England, Bristol, UKFaculty of the...