AESOP aims to achieve its goals through the organization of an heterogeneous set of events:
  • AESOP Annual Congress, focussing on European, national, regional and local spatial planning issues;
  • Annual AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting, discussing planning education and curricula related issues;
  • Annual AESOP PhD Workshop, usually preceeding the annual congress and fostering interaction and learning among Ph.D. Candidates focussing on planning related issues
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AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting in Tirana

Published at: 13 May 2011

AESOP wishes to express word of gratitude to POLIS Univeristy and Local Organizing Comittee for hosting AESOP Council of Representatives and Heads of Schools Meetings in May 2011.
We were absolutely delighted by the hospitality and organization skills of the POLIS University and LOC . We had a great time in Tirana!
We are deeply indebted especially to Besnik Aliaj, Sotir Dhamo, Dritan Shutina and, last but not least, Elona Karafili.