New book by Dorina Pojani | Planning for Sustainable Urban Transport in Southeast Asia: Policy Transfer, Diffusion, and Mobility

Published at: 25 May 2020

By now, planners everywhere know - more or less - what the ingredients of a sustainable city are, in theory. The problem is that only bits of solutions are being implemented in the cities that most need them, the majority of which are located in the Global South. This book examines issues related to policy transfer in urban transport planning in Southeast Asia. The metropolitan regions of four major capitals - Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bangkok - are considered. The book assesses the in-bound and out-bound transfer of sustainable transport planning policies, concepts, and tools. The investigation focuses on who transfers policy and why, what elements of policy are transferred, in what direction and to what degree, and what barriers does transfer face. It also discusses how policy transfer processes in the transportation planning arena can be improved.