Spatial Planning Systems and Practices in Europe. A Comparative Perspective on Continuity and Changes.

Published at: 17 March 2015

Edited by Mario Reimer, Panagiotis Getimis, Hans Blotevogel.

A systematic methodological framework to analyze changes in planning systems throughout Europe.


Denmark, by Ole Damsgaard.

Finland, by Sari Hirvonen-Kantola & Raine Mäntysalo

Netherlands, by Wil Zonneveld & David Evers

Germany, by Hans Blotevogel, Rainer Danielzyk & Angelika Münter

France, by Anna Geppert

Italy, by Valeria Lingua & Loris Servillo

Greece, by Panagiotis Getimis & Georgia Giannakourou

Flanders, by Pieter Van den Broeck, Frank Moulaert, Annette Kuhk, Els Lievois & Jan Schreurs

United Kingdom, by Vincent Nadin & Dominic Stead

Czech Republic, by Karel Maier

Turkey, by Gülden Erkut & Ervin Sezgin

Poland, by Giancarlo Cotella