Public Spaces and Urban Cultures

List of Thematic Group Representatives for forthcoming events

Published at: 11 May 2016


Date: 10th/11th November 2016

Name: Christine Mady

Institution: Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design (FAAD), at the Notre Dame University Louaize

Place: Louaize. Lebanon

AESOP TG Representative: Matej Niksic (Slovenia), Nadia Charalambous (Cyprus)




Date: 29th/31th March 2017

Name: Sabine Knierbein, Elina Kränzle, Tihomir Viderman

Institution: Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien

Place: Vienna, Austria

AESOP TG Representative: Gabriella Esposito de Vita (Italy), Katarzyna Bartoszewicz (Poland)



Date: 25th/26th/ (27th) May 2017

Name: Biba Tominc /Nina Goršič /Matej Niksic

Institution: Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

AESOP TG Representative: Weronika Mazurkiewicz (Poland), Stefania Ragozino (Italy)



Date: 11th-14th July 2017

Name: Gabriella Esposito De Vita, Sabine Knierbein, Ceren Sezer

Institution: AESOP Annual Conference 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Place: Lisbon, Portugal

AESOP TG Representative: Sara Santos Cruz, Katarzyna Bartoszewicz, Nikolai Roskamm, Plus: All TG members attending the conference and further colleagues



Date: Autumn 2017

Name: Carlo Cellamare

Institution: Tracce Urbane and Laboratory of Urban Studies, La Sapienza, Rome

Place: Rome, Italy

AESOP TG Representative: Sabine Knierbein (Austria), Burcu Yigit Turan (Turkey)



Date: March 2018

Name: Marleen Buizer

Institution: Land Use Planning Group, Wageningen University

Place: Wageningen, Netherlands

AESOP TG Representative: Burcu Yigit Turan (Turkey), Sara Santos Cruz (Portugal)



Date: May 2018

Name: Nadia Charalambous

Institution: Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus

Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

AESOP TG Representative: Ceren Sezer (The Netherlands), Nikolai Roskamm (Germany)


Date: July 2018

Name: tbc

Institution: AESOP Annual Conference 2018, Gotheborg, Sweden

Place: Gotheborg, Sweden

AESOP TG Representative: tbc

Contacts: tbc

Please note that for attending the AESOP Annual Conference, conference fees are required. For the Lisbon and Gothenborg Meetings during the Conference, travel and accommodation costs cannot be covered, so each listed participant needs to cover for him-or herself (travel, accommodation, conferences fees, etc.). Otherwise, the AESOP TG PSUC has established the policy that all meetings should be free of cost to AESOP TG members ( and that affordable accommodation proposals are provided by the local host.

**    In case colleagues from the same country/city have volunteered or colleagues have volunteered for many meetings, I have sometimes put them in brackets as possible second option in case we do not find two colleagues from other contexts. Generally, the idea is to have a abroad inter- and beyond European exchange, therefore the basic idea is to have two local hosts and two colleagues from different partners so at least two have a dialogue between three institutions involved.

 *** As for budget: The AESOP TG PS-UC can apply for an annual maximum support of 500 Euro for events. Publications, keynote speaker costs and conference proceedings can be financed out of this budget, however, no positions other than these three. Our chances will depend on the number and quality of the other applications. In the past, we have only twice asked for this budget to be allocated, particularly when a partner school was situated in an austerity context. Please note that this funding cannot be used to finance the travel and accommodation costs of TG members (e.g. as TG representatives or keynote speakers). Travelling for the TG representatives needs to be provided by the local organizers. In case, the local organizers are facing hardship, other ways can be agreed with the TG representatives (e.g. Erasmus Teaching Exchange or payment of occurring costs by local institution of TG representative). @local organizers: In case you do want to apply for funding (max. 500 Euro) for hosting an event in 2016 we will need your funding bid by 15th May 16, for all events scheduled for 15th May, we will need all funding bids until 15th December 2016, for 2018, until 15th December 2017. Please note that if we receive more then one funding bid for 2017, we will need to take a decision for which event we will issue the funding bid. So please only submit it if you can’t rely on other funding sources. The funding bid decision will be taken by the AESOP EXCO during their specific meetings.