Transportation Planning and Policy

ATLoT Munich: Inviation

Published at: 1 March 2016

The 4th AESOP Transport Laboratory of Thought (ATLoT) will take place June 3-5 in Herrsching near Munich at the 'Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft Herrsching'.

The purpose of the ATLoTs is to develop new research proposals and other joint innitatives among researchers that work with transportation in any shape or form. We will follow up on the main themes from the 3rd ATLoT in London, which were 'transition experiments/labs', 'perceptions of accessibility' and 'accessibility metrics'.

All ATLoTs take place in an informal setting, where the purpose is as much to enjoy each others company as to develop new research initatives. Attendees are typically regulars from the transport track at the anual AESOP congress with interests in a broad range of transport-related planning issues.

Attendees cover their own transportation and accomodation expenses.

If you are interested in joining us in Munich, please contact Professor John Stone ( .