Transportation Planning and Policy

Utrecht 2014: TG meeting minutes

Published at: 22 July 2014


Meeting Minutes


AESOP Transport Planning and Policy TG


12 July 2014


Luca Bertolini




Morten Skou Nicolaisen


Utrecht University


Key Points Discussed





Past and present of the TG

The Transport TG has long had a strong association with the Transport track at AESOP, and some of its members has in recent years been involved in a COST action on accessibility tools in transport planning. This COST action is coming to an end, and as the TG is in a transition phase it might benefit greatly from a core format or joint project for the years to come.


Suggested focus areas for the TG

Several suggestions were brought forward, including joint publications, project applications, exchange programmes, workshops, influencing the format of AESOP including choice of keynote speakers, etc. However, several barriers to their implementation were also raised; most importantly, that AESOP offers very few resources and that involvement is therefore restricted to meetings at the annual congress plus whatever the members decided to arrange out of their own pockets.


Selected focus areas for the TG

As the Transport track only coincidently happens to be part of every AESOP congress, Morten Skou Nicolaisen will contact the organisers of next year’s congress to ensure that such a track is given priority and that a special session for discussing emergent ideas for transport planning is allocated a slot.

There was broad support for having biannual events to meet more frequently. It was decided that a two day retreat seminar should be organised immediately after AESOP 2015 to have an open discussion on key themes and condense the issues raised during the congress. Luca Bertolini will contact local parties to identify a host for next year’s congress in Prague.


In addition, a workshop to transform these themes and issues into concrete project proposals should be hosted in the winter. Jan Scheurer proposed hosting the first of such in Barcelona next January and will follow up with RMIT.


Action Plan


Action Items


Target Date


Coordinate with AESOP 2015 organisers

Morten Skou Nicolaisen

August 2014


Identify host for TG retreat in Prague

Luca Bertolini (TBC)

Fall 2014


Organise TG workshop in Barcelona

Jan Scheurer

January 2015