Transportation Planning and Policy

Ankara 2012

Published at: 16 July 2012




Angela Hull (chair), Luca Bertolini, Els Beukers, Philippe Dehan, Jago Dodson, Emile Dopheide, Patrick Driscoll, Sevgi Erdogan, Petter Naess, Marten Nicolaisen, Dieter Peters, Jan Scheurer, David Vale


Transport group achievements

Angela explained that the aims of the group five years ago was to grow the number of young researchers interested in exploring the transport- land use interactions. Collaboration depends on funding and considerable time had been spent in bidding for COST funding. One bid was eventually successful: Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice in Europe. The group needs to grow with younger members taking over.

COST proposal: Accessibility Measures and Transport

Luca summarised what this Action has achieved. 21 countries are involved in the Action and are busy sharing the 23 accessibility instruments the Action has uncovered. The first Accessibility Report has been produced and can be downloaded at:

Transport workshop

There was a discussion of funding for more workshops to disseminate recent research and to engage more effectively with early career researchers. There was support for this idea from Petter Naess and Patrick Driscoll. Jago Dodson suggested one of the themes to explore would be how models/ instruments get used by decision makers. Several of the group agreed to work on the EUFP7 theme of Smart Cities (MN; DV; PD; PN; and JD).

Research Group website

Angela agreed to update the website so that more recent events were covered.

Any other business:

Angela Hull asked those present to use their funded research opportunities to involve other members of the group, particularly using the dissemination of their research to host a 3 day workshop on the Amsterdam model involving PhD students, academics and practitioners.

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