Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies

Science for disaster risk management 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow

Published at: 12 April 2021

The report represents a collaborative effort of more than 300 experts on disaster risk, coming from different sectors and disciplines, that worked for more than 2 years together to present the consequences of disasters on various assets at risk (population, economic sectors, critical infrastructures, ecosystem services and cultural heritage).Studying the impacts helps in managing risk after a disaster, guiding the response and facilitating recovery, and in preparing measures to prevent, mitigate and prepare for future events, by supporting risk prediction and the planning of measures to manage risk. 

The various chapters and subchapters provide specific recommendations for the target audience, four groups of stakeholders that can actively contribute to reducing disaster risk: policymakerspractitioners (such as civil protection groups, critical infrastructure operators and organised civil groups directly engaged in disaster response), scientists and citizens.