Planning and Complexity


19th meeting: Social disruption and urban complexity



Reflective thoughts on how Covid-19 transforms cities and their planning

 Online seminar by Aesop’s thematic group on Planning & Complexity – 27th of Nov 2020

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 14:00 - 18:30 

Detailed programme 

14:00 Openings&Icebreaker

Camilla Perrone | University of Florence

Ward Rauws  | Coordinator of Planning and Complexity Thematic Group of AESOP – University of Groningen


14.20-15.10 Keynote Lecture – Open City 

Richard Sennett | Centennial Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and former University Professor of the Humanities at New York University

Discussant: Camilla Perrone | Professor at University of Florence 

Questions and Open discussion

15.10-15.20 Short Break

15.20-16.10 Presenting the Handbook on Planning & Complexity: How Covid-19 transforms the debate


15:20 Introduction - Christian Zuidema | University of Groningen
15:25 The Handbook on Planning & Complexity - Gert de Roo | University of Groningen
15:35 Complexity and COVID, three Pitches
            Prof dr. Juval Portugali | Tel Aviv University
            Prof dr. Raoul Beunen | Open University of Amsterdam & WUR University
            Prof dr. Moira Zellner | the University of Illinois at Chicago
15:50 Discussion (Moderator Christian Zuidema)
16:05 Closing words

16.10-16.30 Longer Break

16.30- 17.30 Parallel Sessions

• Parallel Session One (Full Papers)
“How and in which ways does the Covid-19 pandemic expose the complexity of urban systems?”
Chair: Maisa Totry Fakhoury | Ben Gurion University

Stefano Cozzolino | ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development & RWTH
Aachen University
Cities, cultural actors and the pandemic: it is time to deal with this issue.

Maisa Totry Fakhoury | Ben Gurion University
Nurit Alfasi | Ben Gurion University
Urban Codes and Social Institutions in Self-organizing Urbanity: The Case of Palestinian
Israeli Towns

Guzin Yeliz Kahya | Erciyes University
Civic Role of Artists’ Initiatives in Turkey’s Urban/Cultural Context and Their Collectivizing.
Efforts to Build an Agency within Cultural Scene of Cities

Hermann Haken | Institute for Theoretical Physics, Center of Synergetics, Stuttgart
Juval Portugali | TAU City Center, Tel Aviv University
A synergetic cities’ view on Cities and planning in Time of Corona

• Parallel Session Two (Speed Talks/Video Pitches)
“Which reactions and innovations in response to Covid-19 may advance urban planning in
addressing urban complexity?”
Chair: Flavia Giallorenzo | University of Florence

Inês Boavida-Portugal | University of Lisbon
Changes in attitude and dispositions in relation to travel and tourism induced by COVID-19

Beitske Boonstra | Erasmus University Rotterdam
Conditions and dilemmas of informal initiatives

Flavia Giallorenzo | University of Florence
Reflecting on socio-spatial impacts of Airbnb and revolutionary processes of change in
extended regional domains

Ward Rauws | University of Groningen
Covid-19 & behavioural interventions: the benefits of a complexity perspective

Micael da Silva e Sousa | University of Coimbra
Board games in complexity

Sharon Wohl | Iowa State University
Unraveling Urbanism: Sustainable dispersal after Covid?

• Parallel Session Three (Speed Talks/Video Pitches)
“Which lessons can be gained from Covid-19 on how planning can support urban societies in facing
sudden global crises?”
Chair: Christian Lamker | University of Groningen

Ángel Aparicio | Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Title to be defined

Federico Camerin | Universidad UVA de Valladolid - Departamento de Urbanismo y
Representación de la Arquitectura, IUU Instituto Universitario de Urbanística (Spain) -
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar - Fakultät Architektur und Urbanistik (Germany)
Can be Superblocks a short-term solution for mitigating the Covid-19?

Martina Bovo | Politecnico di Milano
Beatrice Galimberti | Politecnico di Milano
The COVID-19 outbreak and radical uncertainty

Christian Lamker | University of Groningen
Certainly creating uncertainty - a complex post-corona roles puzzle

Mark Zandvoort | Wageningen University/Tauw BV
Adaptive planning, more critical than ever!

Xiaoxu LIANG | Politecnico di Torino
Centralized governance and a top-down process in the Chinese urban heritage management


--- 17.30-17.40 Short Break

17.30-17.40 Short Break

17.40 – 18.15 Keynote Lecture – Covid-19 is over, now what? Urban crises, urban complexity, and the search for planning solutions   

Helen Couclelis | Professor Emerita, Geography Department, University of California, Santa Barbara

Discussant Jenni Partanen | Professor at Tallinn University of Technology 

Questions and Open discussion


18.15 Closing: instant report on the keywords/topic of the day