Planning and Complexity

Keynote Speakers

19th meeting: Social disruption and urban complexity

Keynote speakers

Prof. Richard Sennett is a world-class sociologist, amongst others known for his books The Fall of Public Man(1977), The Craftsman (2008), Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City (2018). Sennett currently serves as Senior Advisor to the United Nations on its Program on Climate Change and Cities.  He is Senior Fellow at the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University and Visiting Professor of Urban Studies at MIT.

prof. Helen Couclelis is an expert in the field of geographical information science and characterised as a philosophical geographer. She published numerous well-cited papers on the potential of CA, ABM and time geography for today's society. Her recent essay "There will be no Post-COVID city" in Environment and Planning B went viral. Couclelis is Professor Emerita of the University of California, Santa Barbara.