Planning and Complexity

Hosting department

11th meeting: Self-organization and spatial planning: in-depth analysis


The University of Aveiro, established in 1973, is part of a generation of public universities conceived to decentralize university teaching in Portugal.

Its Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences (DCSPT) will host the event.  The DCSPT offers a diversity of courses, including a graduation on Public Administration, and master programs on Regional and Urban Planning, Public Management and Administration and Political Science. A PhD program on Public Policies is under preparation.

The master of Regional and Urban Planning’s teaching staff is composed by a multidisciplinary group, most of them members of the Research Unit GOVCOPP – Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies, rated with “excellent” by FCT (the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology).

Being the first Portuguese university offering a graduation on Regional and Urban Planning in 1983, the UA is a founding member of AESOP. In 1998 hosted the XII AESOP Conference and is currently one of the Portuguese schools with a seat at AESOP’s Council of Representatives. The 11th meeting of AESOP’s thematic group on Complexity & Planning will coincide with the year of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Regional and Urban Planning teaching in Aveiro.

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