Planning and Complexity

Hosting institution

13th meeting: Complexity and digitalization of cities – Challenges for urban planning and design


The Conference is held at the Tampere University of Technology, and hosted by School of Architecture.

TUT School of Architecture is a small, high quality unit in a transdisciplinary Faculty of Business and Built Environment. The School has strong and dynamic connections with Finnish building sector and planning agencies, and it is well connected within the international academic and educational networks.

The School of Architecture provides teaching in the fields of history and theory of architecture, urban planning in many scales, and various aspects of architectural and urban design with increasing emphases on ecological solutions. The good reputation and communicative atmosphere makes the School a popular learning environment for receiving degrees on Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. Vivid International Master’s Program of the School attracts each year students from all over the world.

Research in the School of Architecture is carried out mainly in the EDGE Research Laboratory.  Transdisciplinary cooperative research projects concern various aspects and processes of the built environment, reaching across the fields of urban planning and design, ecology, energy efficient design and renovation of the built environment. The scope of study varies from individual buildings to the scale of cities.

In urban planning and design, innovative basic and applied research is carried out in EDGE, developing new planning approaches, methods and tools for urban planning, applying e.g. complexity studies, GIS-based methods, dynamic simulation models and other quantitative study tools.