Urban Futures

The thematic group on Urban Futures shall be seen as a 'laboratory', which tries to develop fresh perspectives on urban futures, presenting experiments either intellectual or practical, sketching out broad utopian views or developing concrete utopias (Bloch). The spatial horizons are not further specified. The time horizons should reach farer, providing us with a capacity to escape the boxes of actual debate. The utopias are neither bound to material, natural, or social or political aspects, exclusively.

Call for Papers AESOP 2019

Published at: 15 January 2019

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Peter Ache

This Thematic Group aims at fostering new ideas and ways of understanding urban futures. In this sense, we encourage to consider the possible evolutions of some environmental, technological, political, social variables or conditions in the very long term and, subsequently, envision specific urban scenarios at the local, regional or global scales. These scenarios can refer, for example, to the impact of radical climate change (flooding, extreme scarcity of fresh water in given regions), pervasiveness of smart technologies or security measures, dismantling of statehood, radical modifications in current geopolitical order, massive migrations or other similar changes.


Coordinated by: Prof. Dr. Peter Ache