Ethics, Values and Planning

The Just City: A Roundtable

Published at: 21 January 2015

Moderators Claudia Basta (Wageningen University) and Stefano Moroni(Milan Technical University) report on the round table discussion. Panel members: Michael Gunder, University of Auckland ● Francesco Lo Piccolo, University of Palermo ● Raine Mantysalo, Aalto University ● Alan March, University of Melbourne ● Tore Sager, Trondheim University of Science and Technology.

This TG aims to facilitate lively debates on relevant ethical urban planning issues. It organizes monthly colloquiums, an annual conference and provides an open space for members to initiate debates and workshops.

The TG address three main themes:

1) the interrelation between justice and spatial governance;

2) how to include values in urban design and planning as well as the correlation between ethics and spatial configurations (this includes, for example, distributive issues, access to resources, freedom, etc.);

3) different types of ethical approaches in planning and their operationalization.

If you would like to join the TG or would like to discuss an idea, please contact Stefano Cozzolino ( or Arend Jonkman (

Coordinated by: Dr. Arend Jonkman