AESOP Discussion on the New Urban Agenda

AESOP discussion on the New Urban Agenda

Published at: 19 June 2014

AESOP is urgently inviting its members to contribute to the New Urban Agenda discussion, launched last week as part of Habitat III, via this blog.

Habitat III, the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, will take place in 2016, and UN-Habitat is in the process of asking local authorities and other Habitat Agenda Partners for their assistance in structuring the Habitat III meetings and formulating a New Urban Agenda. AESOP has been asked to put forward suggestions and will respond directly and via its counterpart GPEAN despite a rather short deadline: the 25th June, 2014.


This is blog describing AESOP involvement in Habitat III Process.


Coordinated by: Dr Lauren Andres