Blog posts of August 2020

Invitation/ Webinar 'Power to co-produce: Careful power distribution in collaborative city-making' - 14 September 2020

Published at: 20 August 2020

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning warmly invites participation in the Webinar "Power to co-produce. Careful Power Distribution in Collaborative City Making - Practices - Pedagogies - Policies“ which will be hosted online at TU Wien on the 14th September 2020. This event is realized in the course of the KTH + TU Wien Visiting Professorship Program in Urban Studies 2019-2021 and will be featured by the Thematic Group for Public Spaces and Urban Cultures of the Association of European School’s of Planning.

Solidarity Statement with our colleagues in Beirut, August 2020

Published at: 12 August 2020

Solidarity Statement with our colleagues in Beirut, August 2020

On August 4, 2020 more than 100 people were dead and dozens were injured after the explosion in the port area of Beirut. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in Beirut, who have experienced this devastating blast, lost their family members, friends and colleagues. 

AESOP Thematic Group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures