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18th meeting: Games for Cities

Published at: 11 October 2019

Games for Cities: Building synergies between games, complexity, simulation, planning and design
7-8 November, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The 18th meeting of our Thematic Group aspires to provide platform where interdisciplinary crossovers among policy-making, games, urban design, simulation, analytical models and other digital technologies can harness urban complexity by interlocking theory and practice in planning.

The diversity in city games is growing and presenters will:

  • showcase how games can promote future cities,
  • analyse critical conditions for successful application of games
  • evaluate how games can provide grip on the intrinsic complex nature of cities.

Prof. Juval Portugali, amongst others know from his books on Complexity, Cognition and Cities, will deliver a keynote speech. A second keynote will be delivered by Dr. Ekim Tan, the founder of Play the City and expert of serious game for urban development. 

The full program can be downloaded HERE (print-friendly version). 

Non-presenting participants can still sign up: Registation

Free for all AESOP members participants (Lunch at own expenses).
General public - 35 Euros (Lunch at own expenses).