AESOP Thematic Group New Technologies and Planning (TG NTP) joins the RSA E-festival 2021

Published at: 9 June 2021

Title: New Technology in Planning: addressing global challenges in emergency contexts (

Date: Friday 11th June 16.00-18.00 GMT+2 Venue: virtual only (zoom) Duration: 120’ Session Chairs: Prof Michele Campagna and Prof Paulo Silva

The session includes 4 talks by the invited speakers Prof Carl Steinitz, Prof Stan Geertman, Prof Zorica Nedovic-Budic, Prof Ana Clara Mourao-Moura and a final discussion.

Abstract: New global and local urgent challenges are affecting with unprecedented magnitude human development and the environment. The transition towards a green economy is seen by many as a unavoidable paradigm shift to address structurally the relationships between human activities and the environment in the present and in the future. Moreover, an international commitment was clearly assumed by most states represented in the United Nations, translated into the Sustainable Development Goals. According to the New Urban Agenda, the present decade is dedicated to action and to the achievement of the SDG targets. To reach these different types of emergencies, innovative methods and tools are needed. This session aims at discussing how new technologies may innovate future spatial planning research and practice, and ultimately how this may affect current and future planning education, focusing both on technology for spatial planning, decision-making, and governance support (e.g., Planning Support Systems) and technology in the design (e.g., innovation in green, blue, grey infrastructure, as well as in housing, industry, and other systems). Leading experts in the field with be invited to discuss current challenges and how they may be addresses relying on state-of-the-art technologies with a prospective look towards the short, medium and long term.