Online Lecture Series ANOTHER CITY IS POSSIBLE II: Anarchist inspired practices in the alternative production of urbanity

Published at: 17 May 2021

ANOTHER CITY IS POSSIBLE II Anarchist inspired practices in the alternative production of urbanity

Online Lecture Series from 31 May to 05 July 2021

The second part of our planning theory lecture series Another city is possible II: Anarchist-inspired practices in the alternative production of urbanity continues previous discussions on anarchist-inspired practices in the urban context and takes a more in-depth look at urban practices and spaces in which central anarchist principles and values such as cooperation, solidarity, self-organisation, decentralisation, or autonomy can be found. Here, we aim to discuss the question of how the idea of freedom from domination relates to planning and its claim to shape and control spatial development.

The lecture series is organised by the Chair of Planning Theory and Analysis of Urban and Regional Policies of the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning (TU Berlin) and addresses scholars, students, and the interested public.


31/05/21 ► Insurgent planning? Insights from two decades of the right to the city in Fortaleza, Brazil (Clarissa Freitas, UFC - Federal University of Ceará)

07/06/21 ► From ideology to practice: the pursuit for autonomy within and beyond the Aganaktismenoi movement in Athens (Maria Daskalaki, Southampton Business School & Dimitris Pettas, TU Berlin)

14/06/21 ► Building an anarchist city: protest camps as alternative worlds (Fabian Frenzel, Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy)

21/06/21 ► Urban anarchism, mutual aid, and anarchist lessons from covid (Sean Parson, Northern Arizona University)



In the follow-up to the lecture series we invite everyone to participate to an open session devoted to exchanging and discussing ideas on practices in the alternative production of urbanity (scheduled for 5 July 2021, 6 to 7:30 pm, CEST). Contributions in the form of a short 10-minutes input are welcome that address research projects as well as activist experiences related to the topics of the lecture series. Proposals can be submitted in the form of a max. 300-word abstract to by 15 June 2021. A selection of the contributions will be made and announced by 21 June 2021.

31 May - 05 July 2021, Mondays 6.00 - 7.30 pm (CEST) Online Lecture Series ZOOM: Meeting ID: 678 9229 9112 Passcode: 022021

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