Call for the host of the AESOP 2022 Head of Schools Meeting

Published at: 22 March 2021

AESOP is looking for candidates willing to host the 17th AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting in 2022.
The candidate has to be an AESOP member institution.

Application Guidelines for hosting AESOP 2022 Heads of Schools Meeting

AESOP member institutions interested in hosting AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting are kindly asked to send their applications before the 21 June, 2021 to the Secretary General (

The Election will take place in the CoRep Meeting, on 09 July, 2021.

The application shall contain:

(a)   Information about the hosting institution:

  • research and educational profile;
  • organizational capacity to host the event;
  • possible collaboration format with local institutions (local authorities, planning associations);
  • financial capacity to host the event

(b) Information about the format of the event

  • should the current situation concerning the pandemic continue to impede the logistics and safety of running a face to face event, the host institution must be able to provide the event in either a hybrid or online format. Details of the different event formats must be included.

(b,i)   Information about the location in case of a face to face / hybrid event:

  • accessibility;
  • hotel capacity of the location;
  • public transport information;
  • average costs for participants (hotel, meals, transport/day)

(b, ii) Information about the technical logistics in case of a hybrid / online event:

  • maximum attendees
  • technical mode and format to be used
  • cost for participants (nominal fee or free of charge)

(c)    Information about proposed study tours (both in person and virtually)

Council of Representatives may consider attractiveness of the place from the perspective of planners as an additional advantage of the application.

The application will be made available for the members of the Council of Representatives before the next CoRep meeting which will take place on 09 July 2021. Applicants will also be asked to present their application during the CoRep meeting.