Call for “Members of the AESOP Memories Advisory Board” - deadline extended!

Published at: 14 October 2020

YA and AESOP are jointly launching the new ‘AESOP memories’ project.

AESOP’s history is over thirty years old. Although Klaus Kunzmann’s story on “Giving Birth to AESOP” on the official AESOP website gives a brief insight into the very beginnings of the Association, we want to delve deeper into AESOP memories and most importantly, share them within our community and wider audience.

‘AESOP Memories’ aims to collect and share memories of members of the AESOP community. The AESOP Young Academics Network will take lead in this under the guidance of 3 members of a newly constituted ‘AESOP Memories Advisory Board’.


We are looking for members of the AESOP community, who are willing to spare their time and have knowledge in the method of storytelling and oral histories to become member of the “AESOP Memories Advisory Board”. Three members will be chosen. They will

  • guide and train selected Young Academics in methods of oral histories.
  • work with Young Academics to jointly develop interview guides,
  • oversee work on ‘AESOP memories’ and
  • be responsible for quality assurance of this project.

Everyone, who fits the criteria mentioned above and is interested in contributing to the “AESOP Memories” project must apply by sending their CV (not more than 4 A4 size pages) and an expression of interest (500 words maximum), explaining their knowledge and experience as well as their motivation and interest in jointly working with the Young Academics Network in collecting memories of AESOP by Sunday, 15 November, 2020

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact the AESOP Young Academics Coordination Team at