Fractures territoriales, ruptures, discontinuités, frontières : quels enjeux pour les aménageurs et les urbanistes ? / Territorial fractures, ruptures, discontinuities and borders: issues for planners - LILLE, 25-26 June 2020

Published at: 16 December 2019

The French and British Study Planning Group / Groupe franco-britannique de recherche en aménagement et urbanisme, has worked for 20 years on the building of networks and intellectual bridges between the communities of planning research and practice on both sides of the Channel. Since 2005 it has been formally constituted as a sub-group of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) .

The present historical juncture underlines the urgency of reflecting on all forms of territorial discontinuities, ruptures and borders, including those at the national, regional and local scales. The 2020 seminar of the French and British Study Planning Group, to be held in Lille on 25-26 June, will explore these issues and their importance for planning research and practice.

Lille Métropole in 2020 – a special setting

Next year sees the hosting of "Lille Métropole - World Design Capital 2020". Against this background, the seminar will seek to position planning as a facet of human design and means of contributing to multiscalar reflection on, and solutions to, the ruptures, discontinuities, and fractures and their consequences for citizens.

Call for proposals 

Informed by the themes and context above, contributions are invited, which address the issues raised by territorial fractures, ruptures, discontinuities and borders from a wide range of perspectives, and have a comparative dimension. Franco-British comparisons are expected to feature prominently, but other cross-national comparisons which address the themes outlined above are also warmly welcomed and could include, for example, (amongst others), Franco-German, Franco-Belgian, and Anglo-Dutch comparisons etc.

The full call for proposals can be found on the AESOP pages of the Group:

Proposals (title, key words, and a summary of 10 to 20 lines, in both working languages of the seminar (French and English presented according to the template specified at the following pages) can be sent to:

by March 8th 2020

The proposals will be evaluated within one month. Authors with accepted proposals will be invited to attend the seminar and present a digital presentation in their preferred language (French or English). A written paper should also be prepared (maximum: 40,000 characters including spaces with an abstract and key words in both languages). Please use the template specified on the following page. The duration of the presentations will be specified later.

Scientific committee

Florine Ballif, University Paris-Est Créteil Chia-Lin Chen, University of Liverpool Sebastian Dembski, University of Liverpool Christophe Demazière, University of Tours Xavier Desjardins, Sorbonne University Frédéric Durand, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research Annette Groux, University of Lille Fabienne Leloup, University UC Louvain, member of IFD Alexander Nurse, University of Liverpool Didier Paris, University of Lille Thomas Perrin, University of Lille, member of IFD Christophe Sohn, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research Olivier Sykes, University of Liverpool

Organizing committee Christophe Demazière, University of Tours Didier Paris, University of Lille Thomas Perrin, University of Lille, member of IFD Olivier Sykes, University of Liverpool