AESOP International -- Submission of Project Proposals

Published at: 13 October 2019

In the meeting of the Council of Representatives as well as the General Assembly during the 2019 AESOP Annual Congress in Venice, I have encouraged the submission of proposals for AESOP International projects. Today, I am announcing my encouragement to the AESOP community through our website and newsletter.

Please read the AESOP Project Regulations to learn more about the requirements.

AESOP is based on the idea of internationalism and international exchange. In most European countries, domestic associations and events are organized by the local planning community. AESOP has been founded to move beyond localism. Above all, AESOP congresses are exciting opportunities to meet colleagues from inside and outside of Europe. The international exchange of ideas allows to learn from each other, and AESOP member schools and the AESOP community always have had a strong interest in comparative research and planning internationalism. In this spirit, AESOP International is an initiative to expose planning to a renewed international attention.

Several AESOP International projects are already under way (e.g., based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Presidents of ACSP and AESOP at the Venice congress; a conference project focussed on Eastern and South-Eastern Europe submitted by the Young Academics network). More projects (and I am saying this to inspire, not to limit proposals) could include regional workshops, special sessions and roundtables, summer schools, or the organization of AESOP congress attendance bursaries. Cooperation between AESOP member schools and GPEAN member schools are particularly encouraged. AESOP International projects will address academics (with full consideration of young academics) and focus on planning research and planning education.

Applications for AESOP projects have to be submitted to the Secretary General by the 31st January, using the AESOP Project Submission Form and any additional documents considered relevant for the applications’ assessment.

If you have any questions about submitting a proposal for an AESOP International project, please feel free to contact me directly: (if you are no robot, you'll know which character you must replace).

I shall be looking forward to stimulating proposals!

Warmest regards

Ben Davy (President)

16 September, 2019

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