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AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 16 - Save the date

Published at: 3 September 2019

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 16

- Professor Jean Hillier, Emeritus Professor at RMIT University

Rethinking Planning in a More-than-human World

Hosted by TU Berlin, Institute of City and...

Special Issue Call for Planning Theory on the Impact of Hardin’s ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

Published at: 23 July 2019

This call builds from a joint ACSP/AESOP panel session in 2018 titled “After Hardin.”

The goal of this special issue is to conduct a scholarly autopsy on the role that Hardin’s Tragedy has wrought on planning theory. Such a close examination is urgent as planning seeks to reinvent itself in solving ever-escalating humanitarian crises, as highlighted by keynote speakers at these ACSP and AESOP conferences.


TRIALOG CONFERENCE, 7 - 9 November 2019

Published at: 8 April 2019


7 - 9 November 2019

Whose knowledge counts? The meaning of co-productive processes for urban development and urban research” .

Call for Abstracts Open!