Members News of 2019


Published at: 29 January 2019

Remember PlaNet, the listserve used by planners worldwide to share news, self-promotion, and ... hm ... jokes?
Because of the latter, PlaNet was discontinued two years ago. But now, PLANETNEW has commenced some weeks ago.
If you are interested in international conversations on planning, please read carefully Professor Talen's message below and apply to become a member!


Published at: 29 January 2019

The Town Planning Review has put on open access for a limited time a conversation between Klaus R. Kunzmann and Ben Davy in here.

The conversation comprises two Viewpoints and two blog entries on planning and internationalism.

CPF: Social Innovation in Southern European cities

Published at: 10 January 2019

Call for papers
Social Innovation In Southern European Cities: Discourses, practices, policies and politics.
Workshop @ GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute (l'Aquila, Italy),
4-5 June 2019