Continuing AESOP-ACSP Special Session: Morsels of hope: Migration and urban planning

Published at: 7 March 2019

Continuing AESOP-ACSP Special Session

Morsels of hope: Migration and urban planning

Co-Chairs: Ben Davy (President AESOP), Weiping Wu (President, ACSP), and Gerardo F. Sandoval (Conference Chair, ACSP)

Greenville (South Carolina - U.S.A.)


Migration is drastically changing the demographic make-up of cities in Europe and North America. These rapid changes are increasing the ideological divide shaping national migration policy as the fear of “the other” ferments the emergence of right-wing parties (France, Germany) and governments (Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy, United States). We will continue the discussion that takes place at AESOP with the aim of furthering scholarship on migration and urban planning in a European and North American comparative perspective. The session will continue to examine emerging academic scholarship, identify gaps in the literature, and explore future research directions pertaining to how migration is shaping urban planning.


This call for a comparative session is a continuation of three migration and planning sessions that will occur at the AESOP conference in Venice, Italy this summer. We seek scholars who are interested in sharing innovative, emerging research in the following topical areas: the ideological influences on migration policy and planning’s response, models of migrant integration within the planning field; migration and housing challenges, unauthorized migration and its effects on planning, and other topics pertaining to migration and urban planning.


The session will also explore morsels of hope in our planning communities that contribute to inclusive approaches to integrate migrants. We aim to identify planning efforts that support a multicultural society, encourage tolerance, and create equity in this increasingly hostile migration environment. This special session will ultimately explore innovative planning scholarship emerging in this critical area of importance to our discipline. Since this is an AESOP-ACSP Special Session: (a) we will continue covering topics that emerged in Venice (AESOP) (b) if you did not participate in the Venice sessions, you are still welcomed to submit an abstract (c) participation in the special session does not count against the usual limits (participants will still be allowed to present a paper and join one round-table), but all participants must be registered for the conference, (d) AESOP and ACSP leadership will be present during the special session, emphasizing the great significance of a strengthened relationship between AESOP and ACSP.


Those interested in participating in this special session should send a short (maximum of 500 words, including 5 bibliographical references) abstract to Gerardo Sandoval ( Please do not submit your abstract via the ACSP webpage, but send it directly to Professor Sandoval.


Abstracts are due June 15th, 2019.


If you have questions, contact the Co-Chairs: Associate Professor Gerardo Sandoval (University of Oregon;, Professor Weiping Wu (Columbia University; and Professor Ben Davy (University of Dortmund;


We hope to see you in Greenville, South Carolina!