Call for AESOP Lecture Series 2019

Published at: 29 January 2019

AESOP is looking for candidates willing to organize the 14th AESOP Lecture Series in 2019.
The candidate has to be an Academic from an AESOP member institution.

The Lecture Series was initiated in 2012 as part of the AESOP’s Silver Jubilee Year celebrations. Since then, a series of lectures have been regularly organized with prominent ‘urban thinkers’, both academics and practitioners (see AESOP Lecture Series). The idea has been to attract not only the local academic community, but also a wider audience of politicians, community leaders and organizations, business and the media, to promote Planning as a discipline that can contribute to urban justice and environmental quality, help find new tools of urban governance, and function as an effective mediator between all the stakeholders involved.

Based on a careful selection of (usually) one keynote speaker, the lecture is open to a wider audience and is rounded off with a questions and answers discussion.  The whole session is recorded and, after the necessary editing, uploaded on the AESOP website and made available to the entire AESOP Community. In this way an interesting and useful archive of selected lectures is steadily being built for future memory, reflecting the thoughts and lessons of influential academics and planners, as well as the evolution of the main planning issues and challenges faced by our rapidly changing societies.

AESOP makes available a financial provision of up to €2000 (two thousand euros) to support the organization costs involved.  

Candidates are kindly asked to send their applications to the Secretary General ( The deadline is 15th March 2019.

The application shall contain:

(a)   The proposed Lecture theme/topic

(b)   Information about the speaker(s) and the moderator

(c)   Information about the host institution and the venue

(d)  A provisional budget